In Search Of......   Fraternity History/Records

The Alumni Association continues in their ongoing effort to document Sigma Chi Upsilon's past history.  
If any brother has any information, documentation or artifacts that can aid us in piecing together the
Fraternity's history, please contact Allen by clicking here 
We will make arrangements to get this info from you, or make copies of any documents that you may have.

Relevant information includes, but is not limited to:

   Names of past Executive Board members (i.e. Grand Regent, Treasurer,   etc),
   Past Award Winners (i.e. Kaiser Award, Sweetheart, Alumnus of the Year,    Honorary Brother, etc),
   Lists of pledge classes,
   Addresses of past Fraternity houses,
   Dates of past formals/Sweetheart balls

Relevant documentation includes, but is not limited to:
   Pledge journals/sign-in books,
   Formal/sweetheart ball journals,
   Secretary's minute books,
   Historian's log books
   Newspaper articles
   St John's Yearbooks

Artifacts:  Any other trinkets that either perpetuate the fraternity or
perhaps resided in one of our past fraternity houses, such as:

   Fraternity Banners
   Fraternity Clothing (i.e. Induction Dinner Sweater, fraternity bow-tie,  handkerchief, etc)
   Fraternity Pins or Certificates
   Old Photographs or paintings
   Copies of our constitution, or ritual practices.

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